After ‘90, the demographic structure in Albania changed and during these years, many people from rural areas moved to urban and suburban centers and also a lot of Albanian people (mostly of them active working forces) have emigrated abroad in foreign countries such are: Italy, Greece, Germany, USA etc.
In the last years, due to the Eurozone crisis, there have been significant movements of the Albanian people that are returned to their homeland. These people are a potential workforce that need employment.

This project for social business will be implemented in Petrele, Mullet area (national road Tiranë-Elbasan) as a need to foster the employment and improvement the social and economic situation of Petrele, Mullet community due to the high number of unemployed women and youths in Petrele, Mullet area and also to maximize the social and economic impact of this social business in all this area.

Employment of women and youths in Petrele, Mullet area is a social business that involves women and youths. This social business will achieve its social objective to employee women and youths from Petrele, Mullet area and at the same time will cover all costs and will have its social impact through a revenue model. The success of this business is not measured by the amount of profit made in a given period of time from the company, but of the social impact of the business will achieve for women, their families, youths and all the community in the town of Petrele, Mullet. The investments in this social business support the accomplishment of a social objective such is improving of the lives of the women and youths and their families in Petrele, Mullet area. Employment of women and youths in the garment industry, is a need for improving their life in a social business and will be created to solve the problem of unemployment and in the same time to reduce social and economic problems in Petrele, Mullet area.


Social Business Concept

The main goal of this social business is not the profit but the ongoing involvement in employment and social activities or other activities that has as main aim the employment of women and youths.
Assets and profits are used for the activities of the social business. Also, the social business offers activities for the benefit of its employees and the community in general.

The social business: Employment of women in the garment industry in Petrele, Mullet area aims to employee in a short period of time (till the end of year 2017) 150 women and youths and in midterm period there will be employed around 200 women and youths (within 2-3 years) in Petrele, Mullet area in the garment company which will produce T-shirts, Polo-s, pants and work wear mainly for foreign clients and also for the domestic market.

Objectives of this social business are to:

The above mentioned objectives address both bottom lines—business and social—of this enterprise and can be divided into two categories: social impact objectives and financial sustainability objectives.

Regardless of type, objectives of this social business are SMART:


- How is your management team structured?

- Who are the key members of your management team?

Mr. Gjergji Gjika, Chairman of The Chamber of Facon of Albania, is a well experienced mechanical engineer. He is graduated as Mechanic Engineer on 1987 on Polytechnic University of Tirana and he has accomplish several specializations. Also, he holds a Master Degree on Marketing for Industrial Sewing Platforms, Kaiserslautern, Germany. He speaks fluently English and Italian.