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Social Business

CityTex, the first social business in the garment industry in Albania and the region, it secures a stable employment of marginalized and disadvantaged classes(mainly women) while offering wages bigger than the market average and a nice work environment, which will raise the quality of life for many families generously. This social business will also offer training and it will promote good practices for the local garment industry and works with the local government to lower the levels of unemployment and poverty in the area.

The Facility

CityTex exercises its activity in a 1200m square area which involes the cutting area, the sewing area, control and packaging, warehouse, cafeteria and the offices.
The facility in which CityTex exercises it’s activity is built in the last year and it’s based on a modern planimetry and space.


Our quality of production is based on a modern technology which we use to produce (fjale), in full accordance with the requests of our clients, with an efficient organization of the workflow combined with a specialized and motivated staff.
In our company we have installed the most popular names of technology in the garment industry such as: Juki(Japan), Kansai(Japan), Typical(Germany), Mayer Unitas(Germany), Battistella(Italy), Zoje(China).


The installed technology gives us the opportunity to produce a wide variety of products mainly army uniforms, workwear, pants, polo, T-Shirts etc. with a high quality and it’s in accordance with the specifications of our clients and product.
Our staff is completely engaged in delivering the highest quality products.


Our company

Quick historic of CityTex

Founded in April of 2016, CityTex is focused on producing clothes like army uniforms, workwear, pants, polo and T-Shirts. The location of our company is in the city of Tirana and it exercises its activity in a facility with a total area of 1200m square.

As of now the company produces army uniforms with an European clientele. This company has employed almost 90 people and has almost 120 sewing machines, new and from companies such as Jiki, Typical, Kansai, Mayer Unitas from different specifics: linear, 2 gjiperesh, syzator 3,4 dhe 5 fijesh, kollareto, travete, makine per qemerin, for holes, per buttons.

Also the company has installed and implant of ironing from the company Battistella and Malkan and is installing a cutting system of the raw material which involves the cutting tables 16m included with the saws and the right accessories.

CityTex has machines to move the percina, hooks, machine for ylyqet etc.

Typology of products



Office: + 355 68 60 49 699

Adress: Rruga Dytesore Tirane-Elbasan,
Njesia Administrative Petrele,
1034 Mullet - Tirana, ALBANIA

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